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Football Federation Of Malaysia

Malaysia Malaysia

Association Information


Football Association of Malaysia (FAM)

- Foundation year 1933



General Secretary:
Dato' Azzuddin Ahmad
Wisma FAM
Jalan SS5A/9, Kelana Jaya
Tel:+60-3/7873 3100
Fax:+60-3/7875 7984
Jerseys : Yellow/black


: Yellow/black


: Yellow/black


Football arrived in Malaya with the British. Towards the end of the 19th century, football was one of the central pillars of most sports clubs in Malaya. But it was not structured. Even when the Selangor Amateur Football League took shape in 1905 – which ensured proper administration and organization – the competition was confined only to clubs in the Kuala Lumpur area.

In 1926, the Selangor Amateur Football League was established, and in 1936, the Football Association of Selangor was formed. While Selangor was moving towards organized football, and inspiring other states in Malaya to follow suit, the battleship HMS Malaya visited the country in 1920. After engaging local opposition in football and rugby, the officers and men of HMS Malaya decided to commemorate the matches by presenting trophies for annual competitions in both rugby and football in Malaya.

The annual Malaya Cup competition – played along inter-state lines – was a huge success. The predecessor to The Football Association Malaya was the Malaya Football Association. Initially, the Football Association of Malaya was housed in Singapore. It was chiefly responsible for the running of the Malaya Cup competition.

In 1940, control of the Football Association of Malaya moved from Singapore to Malaya, with A.R.Singham becoming the first Asian secretary in 1941.

When Malaya attained its independence in 1957, Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman and his fellow FAM officials organized an international football tournament that was to all intents and purposes the centre-piece of the Independence celebrations. The inaugural tournament – then the premier football competition in Asia – was won by Hongkong.

However, Malaya won the title three years in a row, in 1958 and in 1959 and sharing it with South Korea in 1960. The country qualified for the 1972 and the 1980 Olympics.

The Malaysian League became semi-professional in 1989 before going fully professional a few years later.

A 3 Tenant/use
City Stadium Capacity Built Seats

MYSNational StadiumMulti-useKuala LumpurBukit Jalil Stadium100 2001998all-seater

MYSRace-useRace-useKuala LumpurSepang F1 Circuit80 0001999-

MYSSelangor FAFootballShah AlamShah Alam Stadium69 3721994all-seater

MYSPenang FAFootballPenangNegeri Pulau Pinang40 0002000all-seater
MYSSarawak FAFootballKuchingSarawak Stadium40 0001997all-seater
MYSMalacca FCFootballKrubongHang Jebat Stadium40 0002004all-seater
MYSPahang FAFootballKuantanDarulmakmur Stadium40 000199510 000
MYSMulti-useMulti-useKuala LumpurMerdeka Stadium40 000197710 000
MYSPerak FAFootballIpohDBI Stadium40 0001997all-seater
MYSFootball-useFootballGong BadakSultan Shah Stadium40 0002008all-seater

MYSSabah FAFootballKota KinabaluLikas Stadium35 000200120 000
MYSKedah FAFootballAlor SetarDarulaman Stadium32 3871997all-seater
MYSPerlis FAFootballKangarUtama Stadium30 00019955 000
MYSNegeri Sembilan FAFootballSerembanTuanku Abdul Rahman30 00019923 000
MYSJohor FAFootballJohor BahruTan Sri Hassan Yunus30 00019918 000
MYSKelantan FAFootballKota BharuSultan Mohammad IV30 00019575 000

MYSMulti-useMulti-useKuchingSarawak State Stadium26 00019898 000
MYSTerengganu FAFootballK. TerengganuSultan I. Nasiruddin Shah25 000-5 000
MYSKelantan JPSFootballK. TerengganuSultan I. Nasiruddin Shah25 000-5 000
MYSSelangor MPPJFootballPetaling JayaMPPJ Stadium25 000199610 000
MYSSelangor PBFootballSelayangSelayang Stadium20 000-10 000

MYSKuala Lumpur FAFootballKuala LumpurKLFA Stadium18 000-all-seater
MYSIndoor SportsIndoor SportsKuala LumpurPutra Indoor Stadium16 000-all-seater
MYSJohor FCFootballPasir GudangPasir Gudang Corporation15 000-2 000
MYSMelaka FAFootballMalaccaHang Tuah Stadium15 00019541 000
MYSArmed ForcesFootballLumutNaval Base Stadium12 00019802 000
MYSHockey-useHockeyKuala LumpurNational Hockey Stadium12 0001997all-seater
MYSIndoor SportsIndoor SportsPenangInt'l Sports Arena10 000-all-seater

Football Federation And Stadium List Of Vietnam

Asean Football Stadium Archives
700th Anniversary Stadium, Chiang Mai
80th Anniversary King Bhumibol Adulyadej Stadium, Nakhon Ratchasima
Bogyoke Aung San Stadium, Rangoon
Bukit Jalil National Stadium, Kuala Lumpur
Gelora Bung Karno Stadium, Jakarta
Gelora Sriwijaya Stadium, Palembang
Hang Jebat Stadium, Malaka
Jalak Harupat Stadium, Kab.Bandung
Joze Rizal Memorial Stadium, Manila
My Dinh Stadium, Hanoi
National Olympic Stadium, Phnom Penh
National Stadium, Dili
National Stadium, Singapore
National Stadium, Viantine
Negeri Pulau Pinang Stadium, Penang
Palaran Stadium, Samarinda
Rajamangala Stadium, Bangkok
San Chi Lang Stadium, Dà Nãng
Sarawak Stadium, Kuching
Shah Alam Stadium, Shah Alam
Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah Stadium, Bandar Seri Begawan
Suphachalasai Stadium, Bangkok
Thống Nhất Stadium, Ho Chi Minh City
Thuwanna Youth Training Center Stadium, Rangoon

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